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From pendant lights to chandeliers, sconces to track lighting, lamps to luxurious lighting solutions, A Royal Suite Home Furnishings will shed the light on your perfect fixture.

With perfect solutions for those dimly lit corners you can have late night book dives and study sessions that don’t have to strain your eyes, romantic dinners with just-right mood lighting, kitchen islands with those perfect pendants and more. You can find your picture-perfect solutions right here. The day-to-day function of your home is important, especially when paired with creating a home filled with pieces you love. Don’t let your corners go unused due to lack of light, take back every piece of your home!

Lighting can set the mood for every activity, whether it be a movie night on the couch at home or a day of cleaning and entertaining the kids, lighting can either contribute or detract from the experience. As small a detail as it may seem, it can be very influential on the flow of your daily life. Bright light in spaces used for reading, cooking, bookkeeping, homework, etc is very important for the eyes and for staying alert and attentive. Dimmer lighting in the bedroom or den can help you relax and decompress. Lighting brings life and personality to your spaces, completely customizable by you with the plethora of options we have here in store.

Visit our Oxnard showroom in Ventura County for a wide selection of home accessories and furniture inspired by beauty all over the world – and made right here in the USA. A Royal Suite has been family-owned since 1978 and is the top choice for furniture in Ventura County. Accessible also to Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, and more, A Royal Suite is ready for all your needs! To save big on bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture, as well as kids furniture and other specialty furniture, drop into A Royal Suite in Oxnard in Ventura County to check us out!

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